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    Proposed Investment In Auston Technology Group Pte Ltd ("Proposed Acquisition") By Panpac Media.Com Limited (The "Company") � Supplemental Announcement

    BackMay 08, 2002

    We refer to our announcement made on 5 May 2002 in respect of the above subject matter ("the Said Announcement").

    Further Disclosure

    Further to the Said Announcement, we wish to additionally disclose, for purposes of Interested Person Transactions under Chapter 9A of the Listing Manual of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, that in addition to Mr. Low Song Take and Mr. Kevin Low, Mr. Woo Khai San and Mr. Woo Khai Chong are also controlling shareholders of International Press Holdings Pte Ltd, our major shareholder. Each of Mr. Woo Khai San and Mr. Woo Khai Chong holds 1% of the fully diluted issued share capital of Auston Technology Group Pte Ltd ("ATG").

    The direct shareholding in the Company of each of Mr. Woo Khai San and Mr. Woo Khai Chong before and after the Proposed Acquisition, assuming that they sell all their shares in the capital of ATG is as follows:-

    Before Proposed Acquisition: Nil

    After Proposed Acquisition: 1,529,412 shares representing approximately 0.5% of the enlarged share capital of the Company.